Serving the Denver, CO area

North to Broomfield & Brighton. South to Parker & Castle Rock. East to Aurora. West to Golden. Everywhere in between!

We recommend...

That you utilize the service for the use that best describes your household.

If you can smell your trash there is bacteria growing. It's time to have them cleaned. Changes in use or weather conditions can affect the growth of bacteria. If you would like to change your service plan, for any reason, that can be done at any time.

For example, monthly cleaning may be changed to every other month or even quarterly during the winter months and spring/summer/fall maintain a monthly cleaning schedule.

Fun germ

More Options. No Obligations.

No payment until after we clean your cans. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.


Heavy Use appropriate if you:
  • Keep cans in the garage or
  • Don't ALWAYS use a trash bag or
  • Have frequent food waste or
  • Have children in diapers or
  • Have pet waste disposed of in bags
  • ONLY $10 per can


Light Use appropriate if you:
  • Keep cans outside and
  • ALWAYS use a trash bag and
  • Have no pets or children
  • ONLY $14 per can

One Time Cleaning

ONLY $35 per can Only when you need it